How Does Social Security Reform Affect Senior Citizens?

Since Social Security was established in 1935, it has helped give
America's seniors the dignity and peace of mind they have earned by providing vital, well-deserved retirement benefits. 

Times have changed.  But Social Security has not kept up.  The system has w
orked for 70 years partly because of the flexibility Congress has shown in adjusting Social Security to fit the evolving needs of each generation of American seniors and workers.

It is once again time to ref
orm Social Security to ensure that all generations are able to count on retirement security. 

Why must Social Security adapt?  Because the ratio of w
orkers supporting the system has fallen dramatically, while the number of retirees continues to rise.  In the next 12 years, Social Security will begin to run out of funds to pay the retirement benefits America's seniors have been promised. 

While the looming Social Security crisis may not affect benefits f
or current seniors and retirees, it will affect every future generation.  Previous generations supported the changes that kept Social Security available for today's seniors.  Now, America's seniors have the opportunity to help ensure a sustainable Social Security system for future generations. 

A key part of the plan to fix Social Security is the establishment of voluntary personal retirement accounts f
or younger workers.  Personal retirement accounts will give younger workers the opportunity to invest part of their Social Security taxes in conservative bond and stock funds, and build a "nest egg" for retirement.

By supp
orting plans to fix Social Security now, America's seniors can help give their children and grandchildren the peace of mind that comes from knowing that Social Security will be there when they retire.

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Thirty-two million Americans receive retirement benefits from Social Security. This number will double by 2030.

"Repairing" Social Security without personal retirement accounts could result in benefit cuts of nearly 30 percent for seniors, or tax hikes of 50 percent for workers.

Just 55 years ago, there were 16 workers paying Social Security taxes for every one retiree who received benefits from the system. Today there are just 3.4 workers for every retiree.
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