Across the nation, Generations Together advocates are standing up for reform through personal retirement accounts. 
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Social Security is a great American institution. Since it was created in 1935, Social Security has given America's seniors a secure, dignified retirement.

But a crisis is looming that threatens the very foundation of the Social Security system.

In just 12 years, Social Security will be paying out more in retiree benefits than it receives in payroll taxes from working Americans.  And the problem will only get worse with each passing year—much worse.  Without reform, we are on a path to benefit cuts and tax increases the likes of which the American people have never seen before.

Generations Together is dedicated to reforming Social Security for the seniors of today, for the workers of tomorrow, and for generations to come.  We believe in a secure retirement for Americans of every walk of life and of every generation. 

  Will your retirement benefits be secure? Find out how personal retirement accounts will affect Social Security for you, your children, and your grandchildren.  
  What do voluntary personal retirement accounts mean for Americans who are approaching retirement? Find out what Social Security reform will mean for you.  
  Will Social Security be there for you? How can personal retirement accounts help you prepare for the future? Find out how Social Security reform can help ensure your retirement security.  

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